A Place Beneath the Surface 

“Making Things Public” assignment: Publication design, analysing how people interact with public spaces.

- Supervised by Adam Cruickshank

This book is divided into three components:
  1. Concrete Caves
  2. Drain Raves
  3. The Aerosol Gallery

This publication design documents a thorough exploration of drain culture in Melbourne. This unique environment has become an unintentional public space occupied by urban explorers, artists, skaters and ravers. Wanting to seek refuge from the world above, Melbourne's youth have pumped new life into these concrete veins that flow beneath the city surface.

Through this publication design, I have endeavoured to capture the raw intencity of this environment and it’s vibrancy in a void of darkness.  Architectural arches are explored in the serifs of the typography and the maze like network of drains are illustrated throughout which are complimented by the spiral coil binding.

︎︎︎ Size: A5
︎︎︎ Paper stock: Silk HD Matte 150 GSM Coated
︎︎︎ Binding: Spiral Coil Binding (Red)