BigginScott Real Estate

Facillitating the company’s rebranding and coordinating new direction of brand identity. 

Role: Design Specialist and Marketing Assistant

Responsible for leading and managing digital content management projects along with implementing online marketing strategies through print, digital and social media. The role was primarily responsible for effective management of digital platforms to dynamically communicate to franchise group and target audience their work, messages and achievements. Consulting with the business’ board of directors, the new brand identity wanted to reposition the organisation into a contemporary and luxurious market, and an aesthetic to follow suit. The rebranding of the businesses visual assets needed to be implimented across the entire franchise’s print and digital communication activities. The position also supports and promotes knowledge management and knowledge sharing strategies and initiatives across the business.

︎︎︎ Brochures
︎︎︎ Social media
︎︎︎ Marketing campaigns
︎︎︎ Animations
︎︎︎ Coorporate presentations
︎︎︎ Signage