Control Bionics

Leading communication design objectives across print and digital platforms. Assisting with marketing strategy. 

Role: Design Specialist and Marketing Assistant

Control Bionics stands as an ASX-listed Biomedical Engineering Company, committed to empowering individuals with complex communication and physical needs through an innovative suite of dedicated speech-generating devices and AAC accessories. At the helm of digital content leadership and online marketing strategy is my role, where I orchestrate and manage the seamless integration of our brand narrative across print, digital, and social media channels.

In translating marketing objectives into action, I strategically deploy comprehensive campaigns spanning email, magazine features, and digital advertising. This multifaceted approach ensures that our message resonates with our target audience across diverse platforms. The role demands a mastery of communication design principles, skillfully navigating a dynamic array of mediums to craft and execute an impactful marketing communication strategy that aligns seamlessly with our brand identity.

︎︎︎ Brochures
︎︎︎ Social media
︎︎︎ Publication design
︎︎︎ Packaging
︎︎︎ Marketing campaigns