Deep Purple Bruise

“Vision 2022” assignment: Exhibition identity, show casing a culturally significant individual from Australian  which is to be exhibited at the State Library of Victoria.

- Supervised by Warren Taylor
“Deep Purple Bruise,” explores the shadowy, rock-noir cult figure and Melbourne born guitarist Rowland S. Howard.  This unique individual was a slender singer and song writer, being deeply imprinted in his bands; The Birthday Party, The Boys Next door as well as his solo career. The darky beauty of Rowland S. Howard’s music was reflected in his appearence; he was lanky and pasty with unkempt black hair, and his big, sad, doe-like eyes belied the terrors he coaxed from his instrument.

Cigarettes are used metaphorically throughout the exhibitions design. Like Rowland Howard, cigarettes are tall and slender, burning away leaving nothing but a damaged body and a cloud of smoke (A familiar sight for Rowland S. Howard on stage). Complimented with a black, messy, grunge aesthetic, this exhibition captures the dark beauty of Rowland S. Howard’s music as well as being a reflection of his appearance.

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